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What is your credit score made up of?

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Do you know your score? 

If you don’t know your score, you aren’t alone. In fact, it’s estimated that three out of every five Americans don’t know what their credit score is. That’s 60 percent of the country, and there’s really no excuse for it based on how important that three-digit number is to your purchasing power and how easy it has become to access.

Credit Score of 700: That’s the credit score of the average U.S. adult. A score of 700 is considered to be in the “good” category. This “good” category applies to scores between 670 and 739.


  • Keep your balance at 30% of your limit. 

How to increase your credit score

  • Pay your bills ON TIME

  • Open new credit cards only as needed! 
    *an inquiry lowers your score by 10%*

  • Don't close your credit cards

         * 15% of your score is history, so don't close the                     cards. Leave them open with a ZERO balance.*


Credit report doesn’t equal credit score:

Up to 20 percent of all credit reports contain some sort of error. That’s why it’s a good idea to utilize your right to obtain a free annual credit report. But contrary to what many believe, checking your credit report doesn’t permit you access to your actual credit score. We know it seems odd, but that’s the way it works. To get your score, check your credit card statements, subscribe to a free credit check website or talk to your bank or credit union.

Credit Report


Credit Score

You are entitled to one FREE credit report from each (3) credit bureau annually: 

Monitor your credit report to prevent identity theft and inaccurate information. 

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